Located in the North, in a sleepy fishing village, this surf hot spot offers more than just the average wave. It is graced with opportunity for plenty of recreational activities and a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Blessed with offshore winds all day, rich with points and beach breaks, it provides sets for all levels of surfers, all year round.

During the high surf season, from March to October, peaking swells allow for experienced surfers to shred the perfect barrel, easily accessed on foot or by boat. It is also an ideal place for those wishing to learn with the peak of a gentle wave at your door step. This majestic paradise, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is home to all different kinds of adventures.

The beauty of Miramar Surf Camp is that it accommodates all levels of surfers, introducing beginners to the stoke of the sport and challenging even the most experienced of surfers with some swell. Throughout the year, at this rare uncrowded haven, the waves usually range between 3-8ft. There is no need for a wet suit as the water is warm, perfect if you just want to catch those last quick waves at sunset. During the surf season, waves peak at 12ft off the point directly out in front of the camp, home of a perfect left barrel. Additionally, there are always an array of waves for beginners at the neighboring beach breaks. Less than five minute by boat is Puerto Sandino, where experienced surfers can carve 15ft+, 100 meter long waves: a Pacific utopian dream. Board hire and surfing lessons are offered from seasoned surfers, so rest assured if you are wishing to learn you will leave having caught a wave and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Miramar Surfcamp consists of two large complexes. The camp has 13 rooms located right in front of the Punta Miramar with spectacular views of the ocean from most parts of the camp. There is a large open communal area with great viewing of the surf, amazing sunsets and a place to hang out with fellow guests. An open and breezy hammock lounge area to quietly relax and feed the soul is located on top of a training area used for surf training, yoga, meditating and Jiu-Jitsu or any other kind of personal training you wish you practice. Rooms are clean with modern furnishings, and there is a variety of options for all budgets from beach front to dorms.

The Miramar area has more to offer other than just surfing. For vacationers (or when the waves are small), the camp organizes group trips to visit surrounding attractions. Within a hour or so drive, you can experience activities such as kayaking down the mangroves, motorbiking, paddle boarding, enjoy peaceful swimming holes or suntan on secluded beaches. As well, it is always an option to explore other surf locations around the area if you so desire. Miramar Surf Camp organizes tours to the nearby city of Leon (45 minutes by car) where you can experience Nicaraguan colonial history and culture, visit the largest cathedral in Central America and try the delicious local food such as Gallo- Pinto, Donut Soup or Quesillos.

Owners Rafael Sampaio Sterza, Leandro Vargas Zouain and Fernando Paiva work hard behind the scenes to enrich the stay for all guests. Together, they provide helpful surf trip tips, organize awesome boat trips, hang out around the camp for meals and ensure that each guest is personally accommodated. Their personal touch is what makes your stay all that much more memorable. The staff work with a warmth and friendliness that encourages guests to return and also gives that family feel to the place. They offer drivers for airport or bar pick-ups and drop-offs, experienced chefs, 24 hours a day security, photographer, film- maker, bartenders, massage therapists and cleaners.

The social community, breezy atmosphere and comfort generated from the Miramar Family keep the vibes alive in this absolutely stunning, beautiful place in this world! Nicaragua is growing in popularity as a destination for visitors from all around the world. Especially surfers looking for uncrowded waves they can surf all day to make the most of an epic trip. The surfing community and those seeking sunshine, culture and relaxation will enjoy travelling to Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast. Although parts of Central America are known to sometimes be unsafe, Nicaragua’s invulnerability to crime leaves it with a great reputation. The country offers plenty of tourist attractions, it is accessible to get around and special due to the friendly nature of the locals who are always willing to help. It truly is one of the best places in the world to visit at the moment, be sure to make your way here as the whispers are on the rise!