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Miramar Surf Camp – For the Best Waves

With summers just round the corner, it will not be too long when people head to the beach in flocks to beat the heat. Surfing has become a popular sport over the decades. All beach and water sports enthusiasts head towards the best waves to get the best surf. The waves of Nicaragua rank amongst the best in Central America region for ideal surfing.

Nicaragua boasts trade winds that blow unrestricted over Lake Managua and out into majestic Pacific. This delivers the southwest coastline with offshore winds constantly. The country has a coastal topography that is littered with reefs, points and beautiful creek-fed beaches. Surfers from round the world come here to have an encouraging surfing experience. The surfing conditions in Nicaragua cater to beginners and intermediate surfers alike.

The north of Nicaragua nestles a sleeping fishing village that offers you with an incredible surfing spot which happens to be more than the average wave. This is home to Miramar Surf Camp which is one of the most valuable and treasured surf spots in Nicaragua.

With summers approaching, the perfect time for surfing begins! The changing direction and end of big waves makes it the perfect spot to surf especially to newbies. It provides waves for all levels of surfers all around the year. The Miramar Surf Camp is very welcoming. The charming scenery takes your breath away and when you get to see the surfs dancing and crashing right out your window, one cannot resist going to the waters. The unique thing about Miramar Surf Camp is that even the waves are amazing for surfing, you will find it crowded and can have seclusion of the beach.

They off-shore winds blow all day with the physical geography and consistent swell of waves that create the perfect conditions enriched with beach breaks and points. Miramar Surf Camp offers with variety of recreational opportunities in calm and sooth surroundings. The variety of waves and the flexibility to serve for hours is perfect opportunity for newbies to practice the sport.

March being just round the corner signals the start of high surf season. The peaking swells call for all the surfers both beginners and experienced, for the surfing experience of their lifetime. Miramar Surf Camp is an enchanting place that homes an assortment of adventures for all, serving to all levels of surfers. The waves range between 8ft. all year. The water is warm and comfortable disposing off the need of wetsuit. Miramar Surf Camp homes the perfect left barrel as during the peak surf season the waves go as high as 12 ft. right in front of the camp. Incredible isn’t it? For beginners, there is no shortage of beginner waves at the neighboring beach breaks.

Whether you wish to learn or just want to polish your attained surfing skills, Miramar Surf Camp is the place to be. Seasoned surfers can carve the majestic 15ft. waves at Puerto Sandino that is five minute boat ride away. Miramar Surf Camp offers surf lessons, yoga, surfing activities and lot more!

Hurry up and book now to have an unforgettable surfing adventure!