Sandino is Back

By March 23, 2016 No Comments
Extra Extra , Sandino is back more than ever . After almost 02 years breaking with funny conditions , the sand bar is back in a different shape but better .
The wave is not as long as it used to be , but it’s more hollow and with many peaks all along the shore line , Now Sandino has around 04 different peaks each wave has a certain particularity .
Since December 2015 we are the first surf camp out there we been surfing alone for the last 03 months and now theres no more secret to hide .
Best conditions still at incoming tide and any swell from 3-8 foot the wave will be ON. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see again this wave going off.
Sandino is a WORLD CLASS wave and we missed every day when it wasnt working .
No doubt it is a TOP 5 wave in whole central america , and can be ridden by experience surfers and also intermediate. Make sure you have the strength to paddle Sandino. This wave takes a lot out of you and there you will need to have ability to surf and make it back to the outside .
Miramar Surfcamp is the first surf camp in the area, we have been going for the last 9 years , we have our Sandino guide and photographer Bruno Venturini, hes problaby the person which invest more time there than anyone , if you want to have a good time and surf epic conditions with very few people just contact and we will take good care of you ,
Rafael Sterza