Nicaragua’s Best Surcamp

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written by Cassy March 5, 2017

It’s hard to make such a claim as a “best surf camp”, not having experienced everything that there is in Nicaragua. However, Miramar Surf & Skate camp is the best surf camp in Nicaragua. It would probably make any bloggers’ “Top 10 Nicaraguan experiences” list. It’s that great. No, that’s not hyperbole. Check out why:

Miramar Surf and Skate Camp

Reason #1: Surf & Turf

There’s absolutely no point in staying somewhere without great surf breaks, especially if you want to claim being Nicaragua’s best surf camp. Are you one of those Brazilian freaks that seems to be glued to their board, even while upside-down on the waves? Yep, they got what you need. New to surfing? Mellow waves are right down the beach from your bed….”Pipes” break won’t totally wash you out (most of the time). Miramar Surf also has a vehicle to transport yourself a little farther away by to other awesome breaks. Grab your board, a deep breath, and drop down to the water. It’s highly addictive. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

miramar surf camp relaxation beach

Reason #2: Home of the Good Vibe Tribe

miramar surf and skate top surf camp nicaragua

Good friends go a long way. The tourists coming to Miramar Surf are wonderful, but the staff and owners’ family make the place. There are a few tots running around, along with a bada** dog named Rasta. Bar Ocho down the road has a gang of puppers, my favorite being Luke-dog. He’s the “derpiest” 4-legged prancing machine you will see on the beach anywhere…..and there are a lot of animals. Cows and horses frequent the sandy shores quite often, and the rare pig can be spotted racing away from the beach dogs that chill out in the surf.

Reason #3: Nicaragua’s Best Surf Camp ….is commendably affordable

“OMG Yes!”, you say. A surf & yoga retreat with volunteer options for the community? Sign me up! That is, of course, until you see the price tag and realize its’ about $1000 out of your budget. No thanks. (True story….real talk) Miramar Surf & Skate is one of the most affordable options in the area, and offers the similar services as other facilities in the area.

The food is always on point. Board rentals aren’t totally beat-to-shit. Their in-house surf instructor, Pastor, is 100% fabulous. I mean, really, what more could you ask for?

Reason #4: The nominee of pure beauty

If your escape is a tropical paradise, Nicaragua has it all. Miramar is the best surf camp due to its rural location in…you guessed it, Miramar. Though the beaches get a little busy on Sundays when the local families come out for beach-side picnics, you will be hard-pressed to find any other place that isn’t overrun with tourists. The dark volcanic sands are as pristine and devoid of any human debris, as the sky is from cloud cover.

Reason #5: Locate Homeostasis in this Oasis

Foliophiles be warned: Miramar is the mecca for beautiful plants. Every inch of the grounds are manicured, planted, and pruned to delight. The ocean breezes stir the floral bouquets up to hammocked upper-deck area, where everyone naps after the morning sets. Each bungalow is separated by a plant-based privacy garden,  and I truly had to sit-on-my-hands at times to prevent picking the fruit off the trees and bushes around the property. (Fresh ripe mangos? Don’t mind if I do….)