Travel Info

What to bring

  • 2 Boards. It doesn’t happen every day, but we do see a broken board here every couple of days when the swell is big. Plus most people like to bring their everyday board and a step up.
  • Cash Moneyyyy! At a minimum, $10 USD to enter Nicaragua. There are ATMs at the Managua Airport, but its good to bring some cash to the camp, especially if you want to avoid credit card fees.
  • Sunscreen and Zinc The Nicaraguan sun is STRONG. Plus with the all-day offshore winds, you will probably be wanting to get in some midday sessions= lots of sun protection!
  • Tropical Surf Wax. There are no surf shops nearby, so make sure you bring enough wax for the trip
  • Extra Leash and Tethers. See above, if you break something, there is no where to get a new one so pack appropriately.
  • Extra Fins. ^ and there is a lot of rock at the breaks. Again, doesn’t happen often but every once and awhile someone loses a fin.
    Fin Key. In case you break one of your fins. And of course, for when you get in and wanna leave (if ever).
  • Mosquito Repellant. Seriously. Get some. Especially if you plan on getting wasted and passing out in a hammock.
    Re-usable Water Bottle. We have purified water available in a 5-gallon water bottle in our restaurant.
  • Lotsa Boardies/Bikinis. Cause you’ll be surfing more than once a day.
    Clothes. For the few times you are not surfing. Maybe you want to look nice for Salsa night in Leon?
  • Rash Guard. See the comment on sunscreen.
  • Sunnies. Cause what’s a surf trip without sunglasses.
  • Sandals. Totally not mandatory but recommended based on our pebbles/sq meter measurement.
  • Toiletries. So you stay fresh and other people want to be your friend.
  • Camera. Duh. Make your friends jealous.
  • Books. The vibes are chill and the days are long, so you’ll have plenty of time to kick back with a good novel if that’s your thing.
  • Small First Aid Kit. It’s the tropics, stuff happens, people get sick, cuts, don’t agree with the food, swallow ocean water. You name it. It’s happened. Bring some Antiseptic wipes, superglue, pain relief, fever medicine, upset stomach settler, bandaids, duct tape and whatever other pills make you feel alright.
  • Sun Cure. For any minor dings. It happens and you’ll probably want to keep surfing, so it’s better to fix it yourself if it’s a small repair. We do have on-site board repair for more major stuff, but it takes some time.
  • Flashlight. The place gets dark sometimes at night. But that’s what IPhones are for too right?
  • A Pen Drive (at least 4GB) to save the pics of Miramar
  • An skatebord in case you preffer yours rather one of ours
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