About the political situation of Nicaragua

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As we reported in the last post we made on the protests that are going on in Nicaragua due to political changes, we would like to clarify some issues again. Besides our hotel being in a privileged area for surfing and away from the big centers, our drivers who make…

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Puerto Sandino wave returned!

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After a year and a half without showing up, Puerto Sandino is back with the best conditions for you to have an unforgettable surftrip! For the first time, in 10 years, it is been breaking for the right too. Amazing triangles for both sides. Known as one of the three…

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Nicaragua Political Situation

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If you read the news then you already know that Nicaragua is going through some government changes and it is causing many protests throughout the country. Just want to give everyone some ease of mind: 1)   Is it still safe to travel to Nicaragua? Yes. Because the dangerous situation is only…

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6 incredibles activities in northern Nicaragua

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In addition to offering a variety of waves throughout the year for surfers of all skill levels, from experienced, to those who have never surfed before, the North of Nicaragua also offers you many other activities as well as a beautiful sunset of the Pacific Ocean. Check below 7 activities…

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Surfing in Nicaragua: 7 best surf spots

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Nicaragua is known for being one of the main surfing peaks in Central America, with a little crowd and a huge diversity of waves. This is due to the offshore wind coming from the lake, which, along with the Pacific swell and the rocky bottom, grace the area with breathtaking waves…

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How Two Weeks in Nicaragua Taught Me That Less Really Is More

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Nearly every destination I’ve traveled to has been the result of research, recommendations, and in many times they were places I had lusted after for months or even years. Miramar Surf Camp, located on a picturesque stretch of beach in Punta Miramar, Nicaragua, was different. I hadn’t considered traveling to Nicaragua…

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